Don’t Pull the Plug

The risk that someone will yell “Fire!” is no reason to pull the plug on the projector.

10 x 1/2

Saudi Arabia has roughly half the number of Active Covid-19 cases as Bahrain, but it has at least ten times the population of the island kingdom. Bahrain shut its borders quickly and isolated itself from March, 2020.

How is it possible that Bahrain has so many more Covid-19 cases?

Lined Up

Karen National Union.

Shan State Army.

Now Kachin Independence Army.

all lined up against the rebel Tatmadaw

No Press, Please

Perhaps they want to hide the efficient way the Suez Canal Authority is managing the crisis.

Civil War in Myanmar

The Shan State Army, along with the Karen National Union, lines up against the rebel Tatmadaw.

The Dangers of Word for Word Translation


The Satisfaction of Typing a Letter


Trump on Trump


Push Harder

Suez 2

Coward Cops Back on the Beat

Coward cops

Get Your CV Read



Biden's Promises

(From the Chicago Reader)


Did you Cash your $2000 Check Yet?




Biden Says


Twitter’s Algos/AI

Twitter has banned discussions of committing the ultimate harm to oneself, so the usual words for the act in the English language trigger a spanking, that is, a temporary ban.

As it turns out, ancient legal language hasn’t yet been added to Twitter’s algorithms, hence a discussion of felo de se is perfectly acceptable.

As American lawyers say, res ipsa loquitur (the thing speaks for itself).

Ivermectin Joins Hydroxy

Ivermectin joins Hydroxychloroquine as a once highly-touted drug for the treatment of the Sickness now found to be ineffective.

While there has been much news on the vaccination front, there has been little news about possible treatments for the disease. The shortage of ventilators crisis is no longer an issue, though it is not exactly clear why.

Have treatments gotten that better over the past year? At the beginning, patients seemed to be dropping like flies, inspiring much fear. Have we become now simply blasé about the deaths? Has the virus become attenuated and less deadly?

No one knows.

Cost Cutting Can Kill

Colby Chandler, Kodak’s former CEO from 1983-1990 was proud of his cost cutting. He once took a machete to a wood pallet to make the point to his managers. Instead of pouring money into R & D, his cuts created the shareholder value which killed the company.

Caveat from ODNI Assessment

Here’s a caveat to a recent US ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) assessment:

“Judgements are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact.”

In other words, “our conclusions are not based on facts.”

Publish the “judgement” in the newspaper and you get fake news.

Spanked by Twitter

My account was suspended by Twitter for suggesting that, in view of the evidence of the Astra Zeneca vaccine causing blood clots, taking that vaccine did not seem to be an effective way of committing suicide.

Twitter views this as “encouraging suicide.” Its AI algorithms don’t understand sarcasm.


Llavero+cover scale3

A young woman takes over her father’s drug business.

By the time she points a gun at you, it’s too late.

Everyone betrays everyone else.

Loyalty is a lie.

Honor is a delusion.

Trust is for sale.

President Biden's New Grandchild

Screen Shot 2021 02 07 at 1 35 47 PM

Hunter Biden is guaranteed to provide political comic relief for the next four years. Hunter persuaded a young woman from Arkansas who was working at a gentleman’s club in Washington D.C. to have a fling. The baby’s grandfather now lives at the White House. It isn’t clear whether President Biden has asked to spend any time with his new grandchild.

Meanwhile, Hunter’s wife is to (or has) give(n) birth to President Biden’s latest grandchild, whose father is also: Hunter Biden.

Hunter’s babymomma went home to Arkansas to have the child. Hunter denied that the Arkansas child was his and was slapped with a paternity suit: DNA don’t lie. The judge chastised Hunter for failing to appear for a deposition.

It is not surprising that Hunter evaded the Arkansas deposition. The evasion had little to do with the Sickness but a lot to do with his $80/k month no-show job as a board member for a Ukrainian oil company, a position that Hunter won strictly based on merit.

Thankfully for President Biden, the investigation was halted after the parties settled. President Biden’s own role in his son’s sweetheart deal would have distracted from the important work he is undertaking to fight the virus.


There are now three (four?) recognized dangerous Covid-19 variants:

  • B.1.1.7 (United Kingdom)
  • P1 Brazil
  • B.1.351 (South Africa)
  • 501.v.2 (South Africa)

It is not clear whether the reports about the new, 30% more contagious South Africa refers to B.351 or (B?)501, or both of them. The nomenclature will settle down eventually.

4578 active cases of Covid-19 in Bahrain. The last time there were these many cases was early October, 2020.

Every day there is a change in the rules, in the procedures; B.1.1.7 will no more be contained than Covid-19 has; unless the previously ill have immunity, it will spread across the globe. It is starting to look like it will be two years of Covid; another lost year.

2021 Scorecard

2021 Scorecard:

  • Storming of the US Capitol
  • Trump Impeachment
  • B737 Crash in Indonesia
  • Outbreak of UK, So.African and Brazilian Virus Variants
  • Myanmar Coup

No locusts yet. The Lord of the East Wind Demons must be sleeping.

The Coup in Myanmar

Myanmar coup jnl

Imagine if the generals of the Tatmadaw were advising Trump. After arresting Myanmar legislators and closing the parliament, they stated that their reason for invoking the emergency provisions of the Myanmar constitution as justification for the intervention was the pandemic and election fraud.

Trump would have difficulty maintaining that the pandemic was an emergency after denying it for so long. Not even his own infection with the disease changed his mind. But he could have claimed that election fraud required the arrest of Democratic leaders and the imposition of martial law. Who in the military would have stood up against the CinC? A few, of course, but their colleagues would put them in cells alongside other protestors.

It turns out that the greatest defense against a coup in the United States was Trump’s own mediocrity.