Jesus was Illiterate

Jesus was illiterate.

Against All Odds


Unrestrained Greed


Lil Tay was a nine year-old Internet sensation who used foul language while flexing (that is, flaunting her wealth) on Youtube until she reached more than a million followers. Her father pulled the plug because he believed that a child should not engage in such behavior.

Lil Tay’s success showed that a million people approved of her unrestrained greed. They had no problem mocking those who disapproved. Better to be sad in a chauffeur-driven luxury car than happy on a bicycle is one modern Chinese saying. The bicycle rider doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from; the automobile passenger is unconcerned.

Here's a Preview of the 2020 Vote

Taiwan is Now Arrakis

Taiwan is now Arrakis.

One Step Forward, One Step Back

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A Grim Number

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The Grammar of Money

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The secret laws of money. Ignore them at your peril.

Better than an Appeal

I guess this is one way to show your disapproval of an 11th Circuit opinion requiring felons in Florida to pay all their outstanding fines before they may vote.

Kosher Salt in Bahrain


Diplomatic relations with Israel were only established last week and look what’s already on the shelf.

DiBlasio and Netanyahu

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DiBlasio and Netanyahu bob have the same problem when it comes to getting the haredim to obey social distancing and masking rules.

About Latinx

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There are serious people on both sides of this argument. Grammatical gender is a feature of many language families. Removing it to make the language more politically correct…

won’t work.

Besides, “latin” already comprehends “latino” and “Latina.” Latine no se necessity.

The Difference between Canada and the USA

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Which is why the US has more cases than any country in the world.

Nothing Wrong

Childpassport 2

I told you, there’s nothing wrong with my passport.

Journalists Beware


The US DoJ has argued in the Assange extradition case that US journalists can be convicted under the Espionage Act for publishing leaked information.

The NYTimes is not covering the proceedings. At their peril, I would say.

Aztec Plague Advice (from David Bowles)

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The Aztecs treated their kings harshly for failing to follow plague protocols.

Where's Walid?


Prince Walid bin Talal, famous Saudi billionaire, the most well-known of all those incarcerated in the Ritz, has yet to leave the country after his release.

Or has he? Has Prince Walid’s travel ban been lifted?

Here he is on his 747 prior to his arrest. You don’t buy a jet unless you like to travel.

The Ultraviolet Solution

Screen Shot 2020 09 18 at 6 20 58 PM

Ultraviolet light kills Covid-19.

Read more.

Russian Vaccine

Sputnik V, the name of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine, seems to be effective. Vaccinations have been undertaken in the UAE.

Read more in The Lancet

Opening Postponed

Based on the more than doubling of new Covid-19 cases in the past two weeks, Bahrain announced today that it is postponing the relaxation of restrictions for another month.

The Long Game

Would a Trump victory insure the nomination of a progressive by the Democrats in 2024?

With another loss by centrist, Debbie Wasserman-Shulz/Donna Brazile Democrats, perhaps the party would turn towards its Roosevelt roots.

Bernie would be too old. AOC too young and perhaps too polarizing. Liz Warren would be 75.

Is there a 50-something progressive in the house?

Underground Bahrain

Screen Shot 2020 09 15 at 11 59 48 PM

Someone sent me this…

Fake News

It was 61° F in New York today; not 31°. The source was an Arab television station.


It’s 38° C in Bahrain; 32° F in NYC.

Assange Extradition

Unfortunately, you can’t trust the United States government when it comes to extradition. Just ask Austria:

Sholam Weiss