Film Firearm Rules

Alex Baldwin has some ‘splainin to do.

Rules on Set

  1. No clowning around! Anyone pointing firearms at anyone (other than rehearsing) will be wrapped.
  2. Do not point at anyone directly within 10 feet. Putting a gun with blanks to your head will blow a piece of your skull into your brain if the trigger is pulled.
  3. When the Director, Stunt Coordinator, or weapons specialist, etc. yells “cut”: (1) take your finger out of the trigger guard, and (2) point gun at the ground.
  4. Do not put your hands in front of the barrel. Do not put your hand on slides, charging handles, bolts, etc. as they move with great force on some models when fired. They can break your fingers, hands, etc.
  5. Hot shells eject from semi-auto and full auto firearms. Be careful and mindful of who is to the right of you.
  6. If an actor crosses in front of you, within 10 feet, stop firing!
  7. Never point a gun at an actor’s face.
  8. Live weapons and ammo are not permitted on the set. If you own a gun or carry a gun, GET IT OFF THE SET NOW! This includes ammo. Empty your pockets and lock ammo and guns away, preferably in your car. This includes real police officers that are being used as actors or extras – there is no security. You may use your firearm as a prop if it is EMPTIED OFF SET and inspected by the Weapons Master specialist, this INCLUDES ALL magazines in pouches. You are either an actor or a police officer, pick one.
  9. Anyone that smells of liquor, beer, or marijuana WILL NOT receive a firearm, accept getting the written permission from the responsible person.
  10. Do not try to take guns apart, fold stocks, flip switches, push buttons, etc.! If you have a fake firearm, attempting this will break off parts.
  11. DO NOT DROP GUNS! The production is liable for any damage! If you cannot hold onto the gun, it will be taken from you. Plastic prop guns are fragile – treat them as such. Do not attempt to cock handles, push buttons etc. Light pulling of the trigger is OK. Rubber guns may be dropped if needed.
  12. Do not put objects in the barrels of guns as they can kill when blanks are fired.