Manufactured Crime Wastes Law Enforcement Resources

They did it again. In the Liberty City 7 case, an FBI freelance troublemaker tried to convince a group of poor black men in Miami to blow up the Willis Tower in Chicago. The building was never at risk. The FBI and the troublemaker provided money, logistics and fake bombs.

In another useless sting, Ikaika Kange, a U.S. Army soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, was charged with assisting Da’esh, the Islamic State. Why provide PTSD counseling to troubled servicemen when you can accuse them of crime?

In a more outrageous case, seventeen year old Adel Daoud wrote a term paper about Osama bin Laden. His online research set off the NSA’s secret surveillance alarms. The FBI unleashed an informant on Daoud on a “no arrest, no pay” basis. Realizing that there would be no paycheck without a crime, the informant convinced Daoud to join ISIS (this was all pretend) and to bomb a saloon near Wrigley Field (more pretend). The informant provided Daoud with fake bombs as a courtesy since Daoud was unable to carry out the contrived plot himself.

During the informant’s performance, assisted by the stooge Daoud, the FBI swooped in, declared victory and arrested the teenager. Court appointed psychiatrists found Daoud to be susceptible to suggestion, borderline retarded and unfit to stand trial. A federal district judge found Daoud incompetent to stand trial, in part because of his belief in “lizard people.” It is not clear whether Daoud believes that ISIS and the lizard people are one and the same, or whether he was free to ignore the commands of the lizard people’s emissary. No matter: with Daoud’s arrest the informant got his payday. The informant in the Liberty City case had an $80,000 payday; the amount of cash wasted on Daoud has not yet been made public.

Unleashing informants to evangelize for ISIS is dangerous. Daoud was easy prey. An evangelizing informant may be successful in winning someone over to ISIS only to find that the new convert doesn’t want to perform in a scripted play. You see, he’s found this thing called the Internet, and he’s contacted the real bad guys who tell him, “no, we don’t know this evangelist, stay away from him. Conduct martyrdom operations yourself.” And then while time is wasted chasing the retarded, those who pose a real threat are ignored, freed to engage. A teenager who writes a term paper on Osama bin Laden should not be targeted by the government. Daoud was unstable and needed counseling. What happened to him is unforgivable.

Are the people of Chicago more safe because of these shenanigans? Here’s a thought: why not divert some of this law enforcement attention away from manufactured crime and towards real counter-terrorist activities, instead of make believe ones?

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The NSA claims they only track foreigners. U.S. citizens are unmolested, protected by a Constitution that bans searches into their papers and records without a warrant. The Daoud case proves that the term “foreigner” includes Chicago-area high school teenagers and the Constitutional ban illusory.