Twitter’s 8 Bucks Plan

If Twitter:

–starts charging $8 for verification to meet KYC (Know Your Customer) anti-money laundering requirements

–layers on #Ripple/#XRP

–restricts access to verified accounts

–now you have a profitable payment ecosystem from/to verified users anywhere in the world.

To make Twitter a payments platform like WeChat/TenCent you have to verify users.

It will disrupt the international remittance business and provide cheap banking services for the unbanked.

Would you pay $8 to let anyone send you money from anywhere in the world?

Without percentage-based transactional fees?

I bet a lot of merchants would.

If government at all levels permits payment by Twitter, and merchants get on board, and utilities, and employers



-Western Union



-retail banks

-credit unions

all have a big problem.

The above is an edited copy of posts I made on Twitter on this subject; it has been one of my most popular posts with hundreds of likes and re-tweets.