Saudi Biden Fist-Bump News

This is the kind of nonsense I’d expect from grifters, con artists and others of that ilk. In order to avoid the photo op showing Biden shaking hands with MbS, the invented cover story–which probably made sense sitting around a briefing table in Washington–was, “no handshakes because of Covid.” They’d have to be careful though, since playing up the Covid danger highlights Biden’s age, which is preferably kept to the ID card he carries in his wallet and is not otherwise mentioned.

But as von Clausewitz pointed out, ”no plan survives first contact with the enemy.” The little card prepared for Biden that tells him what to do may have said, “no handshakes” but Biden fist-bumped the Israeli defense minister upon arrival in Israel—and then shook hands with everyone else. MbS won’t be satisfied with a fist bump or anything less than the courtesies extended to the Israelis so that great DC plan–well, it won’t survive.