“Historic” Legislation

The proposed “historic” American gun legislation is anything but:

  • no restrictions on assault rifles
  • more meaningless background checks
  • closing a non-existent “boyfriend” exemption (firearms surrender as a condition of bail in a domestic violence arrest is already applicable to everyone)
  • increased mental health programs (without funding or any idea how these will be organized)
  • increasing school security (fully-equipped SWAT teams, if standing around, are useless in a crisis)

This isn’t even putting bandage on a wound. It’s talk about buying a bandage next time there is a wound. At most.

And watch as the 14 Republicans read the room and retreat.

Well: “it’s better than nothing,” they said.

No, it’s not. It’s worse, because all the palaver leads people into thinking that something is being done.

Nothing is being done.

Nothing except meaningless yapping.