Facebook gets 15,000 applications for every announcement of a new job opening, You would need an army of screeners to review these applications; giving each one personal attention is out of the question. So the company, like most big companies these days, use algorithms to sift through the avalanche of applications that arrive.

Fortunately, there is one way to make sure that your application is read by human beings. Indeed, using my system will insure that several humans will pay close attention to your cv.

Buy an empty 24 foot container. It will cost you about $800 in North America. Tape your cv inside the container on the floor, in the center of the floor. Arrange for the container to be delivered to your prospective employer. They will have no idea who sent the container or why. When they open it up, the only document they will find is your cv. The guys on the loading dock will send the cv upstairs because they don’t know what to do with the container. Upstairs, they will read your cv. I guarantee it.

This submission procedure is a little more expensive than email, but is it worth $1000 USD to have your cv read? (You have to include cartage fees). Of course it is. Better yet, they will call you in order to get rid of the container; you can agree to “meet” to discuss. That initial meeting, however styled, is an interview. Even if it’s only an information interview.

What’s the downside?

They return the container to you. You can park it in your driveway, empty field, local desert or “U-Store” facility. Now you have a convenient locker for record storage. Or take the doors off, sink it in the Caribbean and so make an artificial reef.

You can thank me later.