Escaped Macaques

Escaped Macaque in Pennsylvania

Following a crash involving a dump truck, three macaques escaped from their cages while being transported to a CDC-approved quarantine center. The macaques had just arrived from Africa; the breed can carry the Ebola virus and in the past has transmitted it to humans.

After a brief monkey hunt, the escaped macaques were captured by police and euthanized. As none of the other monkeys were euthanized, it is unlikely that the CIDC has provided the whole story.


In the 90’s, a shipment of macaques arrived at Miami International. All of them were dead in their cages. Seeking to avoid panic, the CIDC said, “nothing to see here, move along.” Since it is very likely that Covid-19 escaped from a lab in Wuhan, this macaque escape is also in the nature of the lab breach. It would be nice if the same transparency we demand from the Chinese government were shown by our own agencies.

(25 January 2022)