Schooling for Seniors Update

As it turns out, university tuition is tax-deductible for seniors who return to school to obtain additional credentials which will make them more marketable despite their advanced age. Let’s not kid ourselves: there’s no way you are going to find a job at age 70, but that shouldn’t stop you from lifelong, tax-advantaged learning. This is yet another vote in favor of the “School for Seniors” plan.

Consider the Dutch city of Groningen, a university town voted the most livable city center in Europe. English is widely spoken in Holland. Tuition is cheap. Marijuana is legal and available to soothe the aches and pains of old age.

In Ireland there is a ballyhoo over plans to build student housing, which at €1000/month is considered too expensive. Several operators are already in business and have had difficulty finding tenants. I don’t know if you’ve checked Dublin real estate prices lately, but a thousand per month rental is a steal. Americans will have only minor language difficulties in Ireland. The locals speak English and even Americans can make themselves understood.

Sign me up. Sure beats Century City.