President Biden's New Grandchild

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Hunter Biden is guaranteed to provide political comic relief for the next four years. Hunter persuaded a young woman from Arkansas who was working at a gentleman’s club in Washington D.C. to have a fling. The baby’s grandfather now lives at the White House. It isn’t clear whether President Biden has asked to spend any time with his new grandchild.

Meanwhile, Hunter’s wife is to (or has) give(n) birth to President Biden’s latest grandchild, whose father is also: Hunter Biden.

Hunter’s babymomma went home to Arkansas to have the child. Hunter denied that the Arkansas child was his and was slapped with a paternity suit: DNA don’t lie. The judge chastised Hunter for failing to appear for a deposition.

It is not surprising that Hunter evaded the Arkansas deposition. The evasion had little to do with the Sickness but a lot to do with his $80/k month no-show job as a board member for a Ukrainian oil company, a position that Hunter won strictly based on merit.

Thankfully for President Biden, the investigation was halted after the parties settled. President Biden’s own role in his son’s sweetheart deal would have distracted from the important work he is undertaking to fight the virus.