Looking Back at the Roger Stone Arrest

I still believe that the (televised) Roger Stone arrest was the result of a deliberate leak by the FBI to CNN.

“everybody knew something was going to happen…”

Secret grand jury proceedings. Indictment sealed. Without a tip-off, there was no reason to send anyone to Broward county. Stone could have been anywhere. The question is, why not simply request that he show up in D.C. as he had so many times in the past? Why the need for the Florida sideshow? Short answer: there was no need; it was done for publicity.

What’s the best way to get publicity? Tip off the press. Which is what happened. Do you think that CNN was the only news agency covering the Mueller investigation? But they were the only one to show up in Broward. So you’re saying every other media organization was asleep at the switch? But that somehow CNN deduced from people walking around in the courthouse carrying pieces of paper that an arrest in Broward was imminent? Or is it simply more likely that someone on Mueller’s team or the FBI leaked the return of the indictment to a single CNN reporter?

It’s important to look back at these events, lest they repeat in the future.